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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What is Analog video

*What is Analog video ?
//The analog video tapes such as home system,3/5" U-matic, Super Video home system, Beta-SP, Betacam SP,& hi8 are used for recording the video in an analog form.Although analog video is the best way to represent video information, it causes generation loss .Generation loss is caused due to the signal degradation occurred by sequential recordings.
  1.The newly recorded content is called the first generation recording.
  2.Re-recording/Copying it is another medium is called the second generation recording.
  3.Every time a video is re-recorded/copied , some amount of noise or graininess known as hiss is added to the file due to the equipment's limitations. As the recordings tend to increase , so dose the noise, ultimately resulting in the generation loss.
In analog video editing all the video clips should be arranged in the order in which you want them to be displayed.On any analog video tape,almost 30 single images can be recorded % sec.Human eye can capture up to 24 images % sec.

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