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Saturday, 6 April 2013

History of Multimedia

* History of Multimedia-
//Multimedia is an effective medium to express your & present your information in more attractive way. As multimedia makes use of text, picture ,audio, animated characters people of all ages get attracted to it.It is an interactive medium of communication & entertainment. It allow the user to access worldwide information. Earlier newspaper was the first medium of communication of the large mass of people. Text & graphics where used make news attractive, but the of newspapers was limited to educated peoples only.If the same information is presented using visuals then illiterate people can also understand it. Thus television & computers have become the most powerful communication tools in the 20th century, which makes use use of audio & video. Now people can access to the worldwide event.In the ancient time people had no such tools for entertainment & communication. they used to draw animal pictures & traditional ceremonies on the cave walls.communication was done through these pictures. When the language was not invented people would talk through hand gesture. Animators took inspiration from these cave paintings. they drew still pictures in sequence & developed a technique so that the characters would look moving. These movies were mute.Latter on artists developed a technique to give sound to the movie. When the artists using computers this field developed a lot. Many types of software were developed & are being developed to add special audio-visual effect & to increase the interactivity. Thus multimedia field broadened a lot. The combination of the computers interactive power with the video is the most common vision of multimedia.

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