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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

*What is Selection tool in Illustrator ?

*What is Selection tool in Illustrator ?
#The Selection tool selects entire objects.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Tools Panel In Illustrator

*Tools Panel In Illustrator.
#Name of tools in Illustroter
1. Selection Tool, 2. Direct Selection Tool
3.Magic wand Tool,4. Laso Tool
5. Pen Tool, 6. Type Tool
7. Line segment Tool,8. Rectangle Tool
9.Brush Tool, 10.Pencil Tool
11.Bolb Brush Tool, 12.Eraser Tool
13.Rotate Tool, 14.Scale Tool
15.Width Tool, 16.Free Transform Tool
17.Shape Bilder Tool, 18.Prespective Grid Tool
19.Mash Tool, 20.Gradient Tool
21.Eyedropper Tool, 22.Blend Tool
23.Symbol Sprayer Tool, 24.Column Graph Tool
25.Artboard Tool, 26. Slice Tool
27.Hand Tool, 28.Zoom Tool

What is Illustrator?

*What is Illustrator?
#. Illustrator is a drawing software. You can make Graphics, cartoons, cards,
   & your thinking designs.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

How can make web template in Photoshop

How can make web template in Photoshop.
1.Open photoshop & choose your web document(File-> New-> Preset-> Web-> OK).
2.Make your web page(graphics,logo,home page,about us,etc..).
3.Select SLICE TOOL & make 1st box.
4.Right click Message box-> Edit slice Option.
5.Write Name(home), URL(home.html), Target(home.html)-> OK.
6.Select slice tool & make 2nd box-> right click message box-> edit slice
 option-> write Name(aboutus), URL(aboutus.html), Target(home.html)-> OK.
7.Save HTML and Images type(File-> Save for web & devices-> Write file
name(home),Save as type(HTML and Images) -> Save).
8.Write About Us in your page(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx......) .
9.Save HTML and Images type(File-> Save for web & devices-> Write file
name(aboutus),Save as type(HTML and Images) -> Save -> Replace).
10.Go to save file->right click->open with->notepad->write align = "center""0"
->save. ..................

Saturday, 1 March 2014


1.Go to window menu , then choose animation & convert frame animation.
2.Open any image & copy image(4 copys).
3."Duplicat selacted frame"(4 copys).
4.Select 1st "animation frames layer" & "off" "indicates layer visibility"(3 layers)
5.Select 2nd "animation frames layer", then "on" other any one "indicates layer visibility &" "off" indicates layer visibility(3 layers).
6.Go to file menu & select "save for web & devices" .
7.Chang "Optimize file"formet" (gif.) , then click save .
8.Save "images only" formet.


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